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Ribbed-Back Type & Holders

Ribbed-back type, also known as RIBtype®, Gripline, Sta-Tite or Baselock,
is interchangeable rubber type that presses into a ribbed holder. The type
comes in a wide variety of sizes and is most suitable for situations where
the text impression changes with moderate frequency.

The RIBtype® interchangeable rubber letters can be used as a hand stamp or in self-inking stamps as well as for roller coders. Aside from the stock kits we carry, we can also produce logos and custom artwork in this system.

You can order RIBtype® four ways:
By Phone: (800) 447-9668 or (714) 447-8855
By Fax: (714) 447-9131
or by Email: aerostamps@aol.com

For your ease and convenience, you can also order our stock kits and some
of our common handle sizes online just below.

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RIBtype Characters Per Inch Estimator

Rib-backed type: general information
Rib-backed type: kit sizes & contents
Holders for Rib-backed type

Order RIBtype® Kits Online

You can order online and pay with PayPal. This is easy, secure and you you can quickly sign up for a PayPal account to use this service right away. There is no fee to use PayPal and they accept all major credit cards. Just add your choices to your shopping cart and finalize your sale from the PayPal shopping cart. PayPal will email you a receipt soon after the order is finalized. To Learn more about using PayPal, click HERE.

To order, add type kits and holders to the cart by clicking the button. Quantities may be adjusted in the cart. Discounts are available for quantities of 5 and above of any one kit. Please contact us for quotation.

To learn more about RIBtype technical details & construction, please see the Rib-Type Information page.

To see the contents and size of each set, please see the Rib-Backed Type Kit Size & Contents page.

Holders are sold separately and made to order. See the Rib-Backed Type Holder page for further details.

CA buyers pay 8% sales tax

Kits with Letters & Figures

TA7 - 1/16, 1.59mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type


TA8 - 5/64, 1.98mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type


TA9 - 7/64, 2.78mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type


TA10 - 1/8, 3.18mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type $23.65
TA11 - 9/64, 3.57mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type $23.65
TA12 - 3/16, 4.76mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type $23.65
TA13 - 1/4, 6.35mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type $25.65
TA14 - 5/16, 7.94mm - Contents 5A, Regular Type $27.15
TG75 - 3/8, 9.53mm - Contents 5A, Bold Condensed Type $32.00
TG76 - 1/2, 12.7mm - Contents 5A, Bold Condensed Type $50.75
TG77 - 5/8, 15.9mm - Contents 5A, Bold Condensed Type $60.60
TG78 - 3/4, 19.0mm - Contents 5A, Bold Condensed Type $69.75
TG79 - 15/16, 23.8mm - Contents 3A, Bold Condensed Type $74.75
Kits with Figures ONLY
FA7 - 1/16, 1.59mm - Contents 5F, Regular Type $12.95
FA8 - 5/64, 1.98mm - Contents 5F, Regular Type $12.95
FA9 - 7/64, 2.78mm - Contents 5F, Regular Type $12.95
FA10 - 1/8, 3.18mm - Contents 5F, Regular Type $12.95
FA11 - 9/64, 3.57mm - Contents 5F, Regular Type $12.95
FA12 - 3/16, 4.76mm - Contents 4F, Regular Type $12.95
FA13 - 1/4, 6.35mm - Contents 4F, Regular Type $14.10
FA14 - 5/16, 7.94mm - Contents 4F, Regular Type $17.40
FG75 - 3/8, 9.53mm - Contents 4F, Bold Condensed Type $15.75
FG76 - 1/2, 12.7mm - Contents 4F, Bold Condensed Type $18.50
FG77 - 5/8, 15.9mm - Contents 4F, Bold Condensed Type $21.40
FG78 - 3/4, 19.0mm - Contents 4F, Bold Condensed Type $26.40
FG79 - 15/16, 23.8mm - Contents 4F, Bold Condensed Type $31.50
Common Rib Type Holders
Rib Type Holder, Molding - 3 rib x 2" $9.15
Rib Type Holder, Molding - 3 rib x 3" $9.75
Rib Type Holder, Molding - 7 rib x 2" $10.40
Rib Type Holder, Molding - 7 rib x 3" $11.65
Rib Type Holder, Knob Handle - 14 rib x 3" $15.70

Shipping Charges Within the U.S.A.

From $00.01 > $10.00 - $3.00
From $10.01 > $20.00 - $4.00
From $20.01 > $30.00 - $5.00
From $30.01 > $40.00 - $6.00
From $40.01 > $100.00 - $7.00

RIBtype General Info                  RIBtype Kit Contents & Size                  RIBtype Holders

Note To International Customers

PayPal is not setup to add shipping charges to international orders at this time. There are two ways around this.

First, you can send us an email <aerostamps@aol.com> requesting a shipping quotation to your country. We will reply with the shipping amount.

You can also just run the order through PayPal and we will send the shipping amount to the email address listed on your PayPal account or to any other you direct us to by note.

In both cases, international customers can order off the website and make the shipping payment as a separate payment to <hudson29@aol.com>. It is a two step process, but really pretty easy.

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