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Rib-Backed Type Uses

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RIBtype® is most often used for temporary stamps where the need arises on short notice or in situations where information changes frequently.

The stamped impression is as clear as a custom made stamp, but the letter spacing, kerning & line spacing are fixed.

Most commonly used as hand stamp, a self-inking machine can also be fitted with the special rib-backed cushion to hold the letters in place. All rib-backed holders are made to order.

The RIBtype® interchangeable rubber letter and figure sets are made of natural rubber and will withstand many types of special marking inks. For more information about special inks to mark different materials, see the Ink Page.

RIBtype® Dimensions

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Custom Type & Logos

RIBtype® can be made-to-order, in the form of single characters (sorts), single line logos or multiple-line mats. We can also convert your camera-ready black-and-white artwork into type. Custom logos and mats can provide superior impressions over combinations of single characters. This is because the typeface wears evenly. Use of logos instead of single sorts can also save time and prevent costly operator insertion errors. When ordering custom type, please specify any unusual requirements, such as vertical ribs, mirror image or cut-outs for mats used with inserts.

RIBtype® Type Materials

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NATURAL RUBBER: Most RIBtype® kits are made from natural rubber. Other makers color their rubber type gray, RIBtype® has an orange face with gray ribs to set it apart from any other brands. Natural rubber is best for general purpose use with alcohol and water-based inks. It is available in standard 50 durometer or soft 30 durometer on special order.

Other Materials by Special Order:
This oil and acid resistant material is best for use with oil-based inks or when the type is exposed to petroleum products. It is available in hard 90-durometer, standard 50-duro or soft 30-duro buna. Black Neoprene RIBtype® is very similar to buna. It is oil and acid resistant and makes excellent imprints. It is frequently used in place of 50-durometer buna.

GREEN PVC: This oil and acid resistant material is sometimes recommended for printing small text on plastic or film and for printing on abrasive surfaces such as Tyvek or brake shoes.

SILICONE: This blue-and-white material is for use with thermal ink-transfer printers and for hot stamping. It has a high heat tolerance and is much less expensive than metal type.

RIBtype® Kits in Stock

We normally stock RIBtype A-7 through A-14 & G-75, G-76, G-77, G-78 & G-79. Others sets are available by special order. Please call to check availability of any specific item.
Discontinued Items In Stock

Base-Lock, Superior's Gripline & Cosco's Sta-Tite have been discontinued by the manufacturers. We can cross the old numbers over to the United RIBtype® that remains in production. The remaining discontinued stock listed below is available in very limited numbers, please call for current status.

Superior Gripline
Sf-08, SF-14C, SF-75, SF-76, SLF-14, SLF-14C & SLF-15 1/2

Cosco Sta-Tite
RT05 & RT09