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RIBtype® Holder Types

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Rib type holders consist of a red rubber cushion vulcanized with groves & ribs to hold ribbed-rubber type mounted to rubber stamp handle or a metal frame self-inking stamp. These holders are made to your specification.

RIBtype® cushion is also available in sheets for mounting on coder wheels or in other applications.

Contact us for further details.

RIBtype® Type & Cushion

ribtype fitting in cushin

RIBtype® rubber letters & figures have flexible rubber ribs on the back that fit into the groves of RIBtype® rubber cushion for a snug secure mount.

The letters & figures are easy to assemble in the cushion and easy to remove making for quick revisions. You can use type from different sizes & style kits on the same mount as they all fit the same cushion.

The holders are sold by the number of ribs needed and the length in inches. To figure out how many ribs you need for a job, look in the Type Chart for the size kit you need. For example, a TA10 kit has 2 ribs. The cushion will need 3 ribs to hold the 2 ribs of the type. Two lines of type will need 6 for the type and another for spacing making 7 in total.

ribtype spacing photo

Hand Stamps for RIBtype®

ribtype handstamp mounts

Hand stamps can be made in any size needed. They are ordered by the number of ribs required by the length in inches.

7 ribs require just about an inch.

In most applications, the molding mount works best as there is better finger control resulting in more accurate stamping.

Knob handles can also be ordered at extra cost.

Metal Frame Self-Inking Stamps for RIBtype®

ribtype metal frame selfing photo

Metal frame self-inking stamps are robust and can be inked with special inks for marking various nonporous surfaces. We can fit them with RIBtype® ribbed cushion to use with RIBtype® interchangeable rubber type.

All metal framed self-inking stamps with ribbed cushion are made to order, contact us for quotation.

For available sizes, please see the Metal Frame Self-Inking Stamp page.