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Willmark #9 - This is 42M, which we stock

Willmark #16 - This is Aerobrands #5464 indelible ink. We stock another brand of indelible but we can special order this one if you want.

Willmark #19 - This is Acid Etch ink and unfortunately it has been discontinued. Call us for substitutes.

Willmark #20 - This was Aerobrands Parachute ink, which has been discontinued. The best substitute for it is Aerobrands #628, which we stock.

Willmark #22 - This is Aerobrands #432 ink. We stock it.

Willmark #23 - This is Aerobrands #645 ink. It's a faster drying version of our #628 ink. We can special order it.

Willmark #2EP601 - This is ACMI's #6050 2 part epoxy ink. We stock it.

Thinner A - Aerobrands #1250 reconditioner.

Thinner C - Aerobrands #432 reconditioner.